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Welcome to RhemaLamp

Welcome to RhemaLamp

Thy Word, a light unto my path

Rhema-Lamp is a Christian digital reading platform. It permits christian experienced and inexperienced writers to upload and showcase their works which are in turn read by readers. We accept a wide range of christian writings under the two main categories of fiction and non-fiction, in every language.

Our Vision

To become a leading Christian digital platform and provide side means of income to Christian writers by showcasing their work and pushing them towards perfection.

Our Mission

Encouraging ministers and aspiring leaders across the globe to develop reading and writing skills that will enable them be more efficient in their field of ministry.

Welcome To RhemaLamp

About The Founder

Tambeng Kedivera White is a 22-year-old single mom and writer from the South-West region of Cameroon precisely Mamfe. She was raised in Yaounde where she underwent her primary to Graduate education. She is a holder of a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from SIANTOU Higher Institute of Business and Technological Sciences (SHIBTS) and presently works as an accountant and freelance writer.

She is a Christian and passionate lover of Christ. Writing has always been her passion since she was a child. She has written more than 100 poems from when she was in primary school till date. She boasts of four novels titled Theresa, In My Name, Home and Son of Love which are yet to be published. Since 2018 she has been an active spoken word minister and core member of a poet’s organization called Poets’ Awake Movement (PAM).

After noticing how hard it is to get a platform as a Christian in Cameroon and Africa at large, she decided to come up with the idea of Rhema-Lamp in 2019. She worked with a team of expert software engineers to get to build this website.

She enjoys reading novels, Christian books, and the Bible. She loves singing, writing and preaching. Her dream is to see the gospel preached in the world through every channel and to make sure everyone in the Kingdom gets to express their gifts.


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